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Townhall – My Big Trade – 10.30.2018

A recent market sell off has everyone asking, “where do we go next?” A bull will tell you we are going higher. A bear will tell you we are going lower. A true trader looking out for your best interest will tell you that they don’t know. I don’t know where we go next. What...
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Townhall – No Friends – 10.15.2018

Once a week, I play poker. It’s fantastic. 10/11 guys sitting around, playing cards, and having fun. There’s only one unwritten rule. If you are up, you stay. You see, it’s pretty simple, if you win and leave, it’s no longer about friendship and the games are less likely to continue. Now sure, you can...
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Townhall – You Can’t Find This Anywhere Else – 10.08.2018

After 6 straight days of being up, the market didn’t just look like it stopped to take a breath, it looked like it was out of breath. Imagine a punch drunk boxer who threw everything he had and couldn’t even lift his arms up to defend any more.
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People Magazine | 06/03/2006

Adam fortifies his TV presence by appearing in the June 19, 2006 edition of People Magazine.
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