Trading Services

Based on Adam’s Phoenix Formula, the strategy that he has used in his own personal trading account for over 20 years.

The Phoenix Formula follows a very simple, yet very powerful trading strategy. Strong stocks in weak markets or weak stocks in strong markets combined with simple call or put option trades.

All trades have a limited downside and an unlimited upside, and most of the trades can be entered for less than $300, although you can trade as much or as little as you like.

The Phoenix has proven to be one of AMTGs most popular and profitable newsletters, for good reason. It takes about 5-10 minutes a week to make the Phoenix trades, and the profits are almost unbelievable.

Christian Tharp, CMT delivers subscribers handpicked trades on a weekly basis. You get entry and exit prices, real time alerts and Christian manages the risks on these trades like you were trading his money. In addition, you are invited to a weekly mentoring call, where Christian will answer your questions about options trading, chart reading, finding the best opportunities and much much more.

Steve Smith has exceeded our expectations since he was brought in to run the Options 360 portfolio in 2015. He started working for his father as a runner at age 12, and became one of the youngest members of the NYSE right out of college. In addition to finding incredible trades for his subscribers, Steve is able to explain his trades like no other trader I have ever met.  His newsletters about his trades are as valuable to his subscribers as the trades themselves. If you are serious about learning the markets while focusing on ROI, Options 360 is for you!

Imagine sitting in with Adam Mesh as he chooses trades and investments that he wants to get into with his personal money.

With over 20 years of experience as a full time trader and investor, Adam brings a level of experience to the table that most retail investors will just never have.

There are no rules for this service, because it is what Adam is doing in his personal account. You might trade options, trade stocks, or purchase stocks for a long term hold. This isn’t about parameters, it’s about one of the most experienced traders and investors in the world deploying his own money, and you have the chance to take the ride with him!

Imagine making 10, 15, even 20 trades in a row without any losing trades!  That’s the power of credit spreads.  And Options Money Machine is the best credit spread service available anywhere in the world.  With Adam and his team of “market assassins” constantly looking for the most profitable and safe spreads it’s no wonder our subscribers love this service.  This an ultimate beginner’s service. We also pair the trades with a weekly strategy call Wednesdays recorded for all members.

In Options Wealth Machine (OWM) you’ll be able to make the same kinds of trades the financial elite use to profit no matter what is happening in the overall market.

There are reasons that the financial elite always win in the market, and the OWM strategy is one of them. Isn’t it time for you to win alongside them?

Use Steve Smith’s PEPE strategy during earnings! For 6 weeks, just 4 times a year Steve leads his subscribers through earnings season using his creative options strategies and driven work ethic. Steve’s strategy shines a new light on trading earnings. For 8 quarters in a row – that’s two full years – his model portfolio has energized members. This is a great way to participate in 30 trades in 30 days and learn ultra creative option strategies.

You can follow the smart money and leverage your trades with this simple call and put service focused only on ETFs.


Bruce Lee once said, “I do not fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time. I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.” It just takes one powerful strategy to make you rich.  In Full Contact Trading you will dive deep into one of Adam’s favorite strategies and become a bona fide expert with it.  With easy to understand language and practical applications of the strategy – you will quickly be prepared to start finding win after win using this one powerful strategy.

Opportunities Report

In the Opportunities Report, we give you the bull case and the bear case – outlining each point of view on the market… Then we leave it up to you to decide what you think.

Just the information you need to survive and thrive in any market. Plus, you will get an in depth analysis of an interesting stock you likely would have never heard of. This is how hedge funds and bankers make their money, by entering positions you have never heard of BEFORE their names hit the financial media.

Not penny stocks! These stocks have a strong foundation and room to grow…

And now you can know about them first!

Discover the secrets of options trading from two of the most experienced options traders in the world. Michael Honig and Steve Smith do an in depth training session every week to help brand new and experienced options traders get the knowledge and confidence you need to trade the market profitably.

If you are brand new, you will find the Options Academy approachable and easy to understand, and experienced traders will find tips, tricks, and strategies you can only learn from decades in this business.

With a new webinar every Monday and hundreds of hours of archived webinars for you to learn from, the Options Academy is like your MBA for options trading.

The Marijuana Report is our weekly newsletter focused on bringing you the most insightful and essential information about the cannabis sector and the companies involved in this exciting growth industry. Start receiving weekly reports that will present insightful and profitable opportunities in the marijuana industry.

Technology is changing our world at a record pace… and traders who know what to look for in tech stocks are making massive profits in record time!  The Next BIG Profit scours the tech sector to find the most exciting opportunities then gives you the chance to leverage these opportunities into game changing events events.    

Discover the basics to options trading, stock analysis, and chart reading with 8 hours of hard hitting introductory education.

We pull out all of the fluff and give you 8+ hours of no nonsense, usable content. Do NOT try and go through all 8 hours in one sitting. You may do that with some other training programs you have – but the information in these videos is just too dense.

Live Trading Rooms

Imagine sitting with one of the world’s best chart readers in real time as he identifies, verifies, and executes trades that you can follow along with. That’s exactly what an elite group of our most advanced subscribers does every Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

Christian Tharp, CMT leads these fast paced, thrilling sessions – and routinely delivers his subscribers high 2 and 3 digit returns in hours. The losses are small, wins are LARGE and even though The Profit Rooms aren’t for everybody, if you enjoy them you’ll quickly become “addicted” to the action and the profits!

What level of action do you think you can handle?

Weekly Calls

Every Monday morning you will sit in as Christian Tharp reviews the market and what we can expect in the upcoming week from a technical analysis perspective.

Christian is a Chartered Market Technician, which is the highest level of technical training available in the world. CMTs are employed by large hedge funds and banks to help mitigate risk and find profits “in the charts.”

Christian’s insights and chart reading abilities are second to none. His no nonsense and fact based approach to the market will help traders of all levels understand how they can leverage the current market to more and larger wins in their trading accounts.

Get into the mind of a 25+ year successful stock trader and a Chartered Market Technician And discover what they see in the market each week and how they use their insight to grab profits out of the market week in and week out. Every Tuesday subscribers can join Adam and Christian as they break down the market and give their outlook on every stock discussed ! You’ll discover how true professionals see the market, and how you can start finding and taking advantage of the big trades too.