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MPower: This Is The Real Future Of Energy


In our last issue we discussed investing in oil, since it is essential to satisfying mankind’s energy demands. While the argument was made that fossil fuels were a necessary part of the future, we would be remiss if we did not also discuss perhaps the most pivotal alternative energy source out there.

Nuclear power is one source that is often largely left out of the conversation when talking about future energy investment. However, this comes at great cost as nuclear energy, along with oil and natural gas, is one of the most efficient and powerful sources of energy there is.

Did you know that roughly 19% of America’s electricity comes from nuclear power? That stat might not sound like a big deal, but when you consider that there are only about 54 nuclear power plants across 28 states, suddenly it’s a bit more impressive.

Each one of these 54 plants produce on average about 1 gigawatt of power each. You’re probably wondering just how much power a “gigawatt” is, so let’s put that into perspective.

One nuclear reactor produces about as much power as 3.1 million solar panels, 431 wind turbines, 1.3 million horses, and can power nearly 100 million LED light bulbs. Now that’s power. It’s also a wonder why we as a society aren’t investing just as heavily in this as we are other alternative sources, like battery or solar technologies.

Luckily, despite what Washington invests our money in, you can still choose what investments you make. There’s a couple ways to go about our search, you can either search for nuclear-related investments or search for the most widely used fuel used to power a reactor, uranium. And as prices of the radioactive material start to make a comeback, the timing for this investment idea may have come at quite the opportune time.

I made sure to filter for ETFs and stocks (personal preference), I also decided to see if the general search of “Nuclear Power” would net us some stocks related to uranium. Sure enough the search returned funds and companies specific to the nuclear energy industry.

If oil and natural gas are necessary to the future of mankind, then so too is nuclear energy. Unlike most of the alternative energy sources being proposed today, not only is nuclear power efficient, but further investment into the development of these technologies would only improve them.

An already powerful and clean process could become even more powerful and cleaner still. Additionally, the investment would go to developing safer and much more stable reactors to mitigate any possible disasters from taking place.

For over 60 years the United States has relied heavily on this power sources and to very limited consequence, yet we live in a world that seems to be resistant to adopting this resource on a larger scale. Despite this, the future of nuclear power seems to shine bright as the world struggles to meet energy demand. Investors would be wise to keep this sector on their watchlists.

Today’s feature: Nuclear Power

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Adam Mesh

Adam Mesh is the founder and CEO of WealthPop.com. Adam has extensive experience in the stock market, as well as being a options trading coach for many years. Our mission is to empower the average, everyday individual to become a better investor and trader.

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