Refund Policy


Adam Mesh Trading Group may terminate your access to the service at any time at its sole discretion, provided that we provide a pro-rated refund for any paid service.

You may remove the benefit of automatic renewal by notifying our Customer Service Department. You can contact Adam Mesh Trading Group by telephone at (212) 774-5980 or by e-mail at

Your cancellation will take effect once you receive confirmation e-mail from us. The terms of any refunds of fees for paid services are provided in the various offers for each product.



The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market, 5 Star Trading and Full Contact Trading are individual products with no recurring aspect. They come with 90-day money back guarantees. Smart Money Elite, Income Advantage For Life and Mesh Insider are yearly premium subscriptions and have a 30-day money back guarantee. Both premium services also have a monthly recurring option which can be cancelled at any time for a prorated refund. Due to the discounted nature of our money back guarantee, only cancellations within the 30-60 day period will be accepted. Cancellations must be received before the 30-60 days has expired to receive a refund on a money back guarantee subscription.

In order to be canceled from a membership, a member must either email or phone Adam Mesh Trading Group to cancel member subscriptions. Please e-mail or call (212) 774-5983 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST. Unsubscribing to the weekly newsletter does not suffice as cancellation. In addition, each user is allowed only allowed one (1) money back guarantee per Adam Mesh Trading Group product per a 365-day period. If a user engages a second period within the 365-day period, they will be charged the prevailing monthly rate of $225 or $2700 per year applied at our discretion.

All subscription fees must be full paid before you will be granted access to any membership service. You agree to pay all subscription fees and charges, if any, incurred in connection with your username and password.

Your subscription will continue for the Initial Term of the subscription as outlined in the offer for each specific product. The terms of fees for paid services are provided in the various offers for each product. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms of the offer.

If you cancel your subscription within the first 30-60 day period of being granted to access to a subscription service, Adam Mesh Trading Group will provide you a full refund of your 30-60 day subscription fees and will terminate your access to the premium subscription service.



After one (1) year, all active subscriptions will renew automatically at the end of the Initial Term for successive Renewal Terms, unless you notify us of your decision to cancel or not to renew your subscription via one of the methods outlined above in CANCELLATION/TERMINATION.

As described in the initial subscription process, as a part of the automatic renewal process, the applicable subscription renewal fee will be billed to the credit card you designated during the subscription process (or subsequently changed). After one (1) year, may be eligible for a partial refund any fees associated with your Renewal Term if you request to cancel at the discretion of Adam Mesh Trading Group LLC.



Requests for cancellation of any monthly billing must be in writing and mailed to Wealthpop at 1 Penn Plaza, 39th Floor, New York, NY 10119. You may decide to cancel at any time, but charges will not be prorated. You must cancel before your billing date in order to avoid a charge for the following month.

Adam Mesh Stock Club Memberships and Adam Mesh Forum Monthly Memberships must be cancelled either by mail to the address listed above or by email to customer service at

Coaching Program Memberships must be cancelled by mail to the address listed above or by e-mail to Coaching Memberships may be cancelled at any time; however, Coaching Studentship fees are nonrefundable. If you are not actively participating in your Coaching Studentship, including but not limited to coaching sessions, then The Adam Mesh Trading Group LLC will offer you a thirty (30) day courtesy period to fully engage in your Coaching Studentship. If you fail to reengage within this thirty (30) day period, then your Coaching Studentship will be deemed cancelled. Furthermore, if you are afforded specific dispensation, terms are subject to those changes/addendums.

Each person who enrolls in a Coaching Program Studentship acknowledges and accepts this Agreement upon responding to the administration, “Welcome to the Coaching Program” email that each Student receives in lieu of signature. All Cancellation policies herein are to be acknowledged as an acceptance by the cardholder upon their response.

Each Coaching Student is enrolled in Adam’s Stock Club at the commencement of their program. Coaching Students are given a free term trial during their program. Once the free term is complete (3-6 months depending on program), Students are automatically entered into Adam’s Stock Club and Weekly Group Calls at a discounted rate of $97.00 monthly. If at any time you wish to cancel your subscription to Adam’s Stock Club, cancellations must be made by mail to the address listed above or by e-mail to Refunds will not be issued for services previously rendered.

Our Coaches are professional traders. They take on limited number of students each month and their time is extremely valuable. They will be extremely flexible in working around your schedule, all we ask is that once you have agreed upon a time for an appointment, that you stick to it.

If Students miss a scheduled appointment, our Coach will have lost the time and the opportunity to work with someone else. If you can’t make it, we require 12 hours of advanced notice. If Students continuously miss scheduled appointments without prior notice then we reserve the right to accelerate any outstanding payments and deduct sessions.

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