Townhall – When It Comes To Your Trading, Play The Long Game – 07.30.2018

The following example is based on a short term (1 week) Option Trade.

Let’s say you really like AAPL above 195.

The stock crosses 195 and as it’s moving towards 196, you buy the 195 call for $2.

All of a sudden, AAPL goes from looking great to terrible.

The stock drops from 196 to 194 and time is running out on this trade.

Your options are only worth $1.30.

You just lost .70 per contract.

The emotional trader says “I’m in it to win it” and presses on, likely losing the remaining $1.30.

The Long Term Trader recognizes their level (195) has been broken and takes the loss.

A week later, the same trade appears again and you buy AAPL at 195 for $2.

This time AAPL keeps going and you exit at $3.20  for a nice quick profit.

The Emotional Trader lost $2 and made $1.20. They are down .80.

On 10 contracts, they are down $800.

The Long Term Trader lost .70 and made 1.20. They are up .50.

On 10 contracts, they are up $500.

Now imagine this scenario, week after week and month after month.

Of course, sometimes the stock will come back but not enough to make it worthwhile.

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